Published Books


“Total Productive Facilities Management”

by Richard W. Sievert, Jr., Ph.D.
Published by R.S. Means

Learn new ways to support your organization’s business goals by optimizing the use of facility resources. This book is a comprehensive and systematic application of today’s best cost and project management, quality, and value engineering principles. It shows how to maximize the effectiveness of these techniques to obtain a competitive advantage from investments in facility and equipment assets.


Managing Your Facility: Facility/Project Management Strategies for Today’s Competitive Environment

151 pages, Chicago, IL: Printing Industry of Illinois – Indiana Association.
by Richard W. Sievert, Jr., Ph.D.


With Input From the Owner: A Guide to Owner Involvement in Construction Project Management

96 pages, Chicago, IL: The Dartnell Corporation.
by Richard W. Sievert, Jr., Ph.D.